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Inside Matters Counselling is a Limited Company and listed as such in Company House.

‘Inside Matters Counselling Ltd’
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Inside Matters Counselling Limited, also known as Inside Matters throughout the website and literature, for ease of reference.

All references to Inside Matters, Inside Matters Counselling refer to the company Inside Matters Counselling Limited.

Inside Matters thereof has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information displayed on this website is accurate and responsible.

Inside Matters thereof do not accept responsibility or legal liability, for information that may have become incorrect or misleading due to the passage of time, changes of ownership, or political conditions. Every reasonable effort is made to keep all information displayed current and up to date.

To the best of our knowledge information is accurate at the time of writing and publication.

Any opinions expressed on this web site are given without prejudice and may or may not be the current opinion of Inside Matters thereof.

Last updated January 2019